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In memory of

24015121 Gnr Frederick John Peckham
Aged 22 : A soldier of the Cold War.

John lost his life November 1969 in a tragic
accident when a freak wave swept him off the jetty on St Kilda and he was drowned.
John David jones, Dunfermline
11 November 2017

I am a decendant of the people of St Kilda. I hope to visit one day and see how my ancestors lived. Thank you for this page.
Rebecca Pattison, Melbourne, Australia
05 November 2017

Hi, I am very interested in the supernatural and the occult, I am wondering if there are any good spooky stories from St Kilda, for examples werewolves etc...
Happy Halloween.
L Macleod, Harris
20 October 2017

Thank you for such an informative site. I think it would be nice if ya'll made the pictures where they could be enlarged for a better viewing. But you have a very nice website. Thank you.
Michael Martin, Round Rock, Texas, USA
30 September 2017

Such an intriguing place, I finally had the chance to visit and it literally felt like the edge of the world! Amazing considering the various flat earth theories that are around.
E. MacInnes, Glasgow
29 September 2017

Finally visited St Kilda on 14th August 2017 ...
A damp and misty day added to the atmosphere. St Kilda did not disappoint is a place that words cannot describe.
Helen King, Northumberland UK
20 August 2017

I visited this beautiful reserve a few years ago to admire the scenery and the native birds, and me and my few friends were astonished by the lovely atmosphere this remote archipelago.
Such a nice place to birdwatch and enjoy being in the middle of the ocean, just you and the sea..

Thank you very much!
Lydia Davidson, South Yorkshire
04 August 2017

We visited St Kilda on July 12th. travelling from Harris.The sky was blue,the sun was warm and the sea was was a perfect day. A lifelong ambition come true. What a very special place it is,and what hard lives those St Kildans had!
An amazing experience,never to be forgotten.
Jane and Denis, West Yorkshire.
25 July 2017

Visiting St.Kilda…
The vast majority of earths inhabitants have never heard of it. A number of people dream about going there, some even put it on their bucket list, but even fewer actually get there.
I was one of the latter ones, and I do not regret a single moment. Such a wonderful place it is. Not to mention the ‘given days’ we had with regard to the weather.
Thanks Susan, Angela, Vivi and all the others for our great 3 day stay ! You will be in our minds for quite some time :)

Note: Texting the weather gods helps; I did :)

Jan, OS5A Belgium
Jan, Belgium
23 July 2017

We camped on St. Kilda from 10 to 12 July and could never have dreamt to experience its beauty in such sunny and dry weather conditions. Each day was a given one. Our intended ham radio operation was a success. Special thanks to the people of the NTS and the good work they are doing.
Gert (ON4GS), Belgium
20 July 2017

My wife and I were lucky to make the trip to St Kilda on 28/06/2017. We sailed from Uig on the Isle of Skye. What a day !!!
Les and Louise Alexander, Keith
11 July 2017

Hi. I have noticed a few comments regarding dogs visiting St Kilda and I am yet unclear. Is it illegal to bring dogs onto the island?
EDITOR: It is not illegal to bring dogs onto St Kilda. The National Trust for Scotland request that dogs are not brought ashore on the basis that they pose an unacceptable risk to the fragile ecosystem of the islands. Visitors are therefore requested not to bring dogs (including assistance dogs) and other pets onto the islands. As elsewhere in Scotland, all visitors should abide by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.
Mr s scott, NW England
01 July 2017

Could someone tell me why the number of working parties has been reduced from 6 to 2 per year? Surely the amount of work has not reduced, it seems such a shame that people with a passion for the islands have less of a chance of living on the island than was previously the case.
EDITOR: The number of work parties on St Kilda reflects the work load of maintenance and repair: 2 or 3 a year allows the conservation programme to be achieved.
Andrew Tetley, Hamilton
30 June 2017

Hi. I would like to know if it is allowed to bring a well behaved dog onto st Kilda with me as company for my planned six week wild camp on the island? I would also like to know what welfare facilities you provide?
Yours kindly.
EDITOR: Advice on visiting St Kilda is available here: You should also contact the NTS at:
Geoffrey Turnbuckle, Scotland
28 June 2017

Dear sirs,
I understand there is a bar on the island. Is this open to the public?
EDITOR: The MoD facilities on St Kilda are not open to the public. See:
Thef Unpolice, Malaysia
17 June 2017

Hi, Firstly great website it really shows off the island. I get all 'shakey' looking at some of the photos. I am interested to know did the St Kildans have there own whisky?
Mr E Maciness, Barra
04 June 2017

My name is Colin. I am six years old. I really like horses. My favourite colour of horse is piebold. Are there horses on st kilda? I am going on holiday there with mummy and daddy soon.
EDITOR: There are no horses on St Kilda any more, Colin, but there used to be.
Colin, Glasgow
30 May 2017

Hi, Is the editor resident to St Kilda?
EDITOR: Sadly not!
Mr S Scott, Nw England
29 May 2017

Hi, I am wondering what the future of the mod site is in St Kilda?
EDITOR: The MoD site is being extensively refurbished in a way that is expected to be more sympathetic to the surrounding landscape. See:
Dennis, Fife
29 May 2017

Hi. Is there a new warden this year?
EDITOR: Gina Prior is St Kilda Seabird Ranger, and there's a new St Kilda Archaeologist - Craig Stanford and a new Visitor Ranger - Vivi Bolin. Find out more about them at St Kilda Today>Meet the Staff. See their blogs in the St Kilda Diary, also off the St Kilda Today page.
Mr s scott, North West england
03 May 2017

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