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Year of Creative Scotland


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Launch of Marine World Heritage App Download


In celebration of World Oceans Day, the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre have launched a new iPhone application. This year’s Oceans Day theme “Youth: the Next Wave for Change” inspired the development of the mobile application, which will act as a window on marine world heritage sites around the world.

Of all 6,000 marine protected areas on the planet, only 45 have the highest internationally recognized status for conservation, World Heritage. The application aims at increasing visibility of these exceptional places and facilitating access to information about their outstanding value.

“Protecting our 45 marine World Heritage sites takes more than just good management—it is also about people, their awareness, and how they can help care for the ocean and push for greater protection for the blue heart of the planet,” says Dan Laffoley, Marine Vice Chair of IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas. “Through this app, we are delighted to be working with UNESCO’s World Heritage Center to take a revolutionary step forward in connecting individuals directly to the ocean.”

IUCN has a long-standing partnership with UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention, which remains a powerful tool to protect these precious places and has known fascinating successes in many of them over the past 40 years. With this iPhone application it becomes possible to have all information about them at hand. The iPhone application allows viewing videos of these exceptional places and their managers and consulting decisions the World Heritage Committee takes about the status of their conservation.

The application can be downloaded Download for free from the app store and will soon also be available for android compatible devices. The work has been made possible by the generous ongoing support of the Tides of Time partners Jaeger Le Coultre and International Herald Tribune and the government of Flanders.



I Know where I’m Going - A conference on remote access to World Heritage Sites - from Uluru to St Kilda
23rd & 24th November 2011, Informatics Forum, The University of Edinburgh


I Know where I’m Going - A conference on remote access to World Heritage Sites - from Uluru to St Kilda

I Know where I’m Going - A conference on remote access to World Heritage Sites - from Uluru to St Kilda
Details and Keynote Speakers (PDF 357 kB)
Event Programme (PDF 238 kB)


3 July – 28th August 2010 – The Outer Hebrides - Made in Holland Art Exhibition North Uist


In 2009, Taigh Chearsabhagh invited Fred Schley to come to the Outer Hebrides for a short residency to enable him to create the body of work in this exhibition. His atmospheric renderings of the epic aspects of these islands manage to capture, beautifully, the mysterious and mercurial nature of the light on the land and sea.

The absence of any evidence of human existence in these paintings is a telling one. It not only imparts a timeless quality of past millennia when our impact on the planet was more benign – they also forewarn of a future where life in these islands continues to become unsustainable as it did on Mingulay and St. Kilda and even more recently on many other hebridean isles.

Taigh Chearsabhagh gratefully acknowledges support from the National Trust for Scotland in the production of the exhibition publication in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the evacuation of St. Kilda.

The Outer Hebrides - Made in Holland     Fred Schley

The Outer Hebrides - Made in Holland     Fred Schley

photorealist land and seascapes of the Outer Hebrides
galleries 1 & 2
3 july - 28 august

open mondays - saturdays 10am - 5pm
admission free. disabled access


museum & arts centre
Isle of North Uist
Outer Hebrides


St Kilda Website: 6th June 2008


Many of you who are regular viewers and contributors to the St Kilda website will remember the launch of the current St Kilda World Heritage Site Management Plan back in 2003. Much has happened since then and over the next 18 months, the National Trust for Scotland will be reviewing progress of this plan and setting out management priorities for the coming 5 years. To achieve this the Trust will be engaging with partners and stakeholders, including local communities and anyone with an interest in these islands, on management priorities for the coming years. We are at the start of this process but we will be providing occasional updates of progress on this website and will be looking to run a public consultation through this website at the end of this year and start of 2009. So please check from time to time on our progress and take part in the consultation when it is launched.




Friday 22/06/2007 20:20GMT


St Kilda - Plockton Gallery


Claire Harkess RSW, 9th June - 8th July 2007


50th Anniversary for the National Trust for Scotland on St Kilda


Looking back over the last five decades the Trust, along with many volunteers, worked to protect the island’s unique beauty...


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum


New St Kilda exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow. (


St Kilda Archaeologist's Report 2005


Every autumn the NTS St Kilda Archaeologist produces a report summarising the archaeological work on and off the island. Amongst the many tasks covered in this year's report are: the cleit and dyke surveys, work carried out by work parties throughout the summer, and a summary of work for the winter months off the island.


Changing Lives - An exhibition to commemorate the evacuation of St Kilda in 1930: August 2005


St Kilda: Changing Lives - An exhibition to commemorate the evacuation of St Kilda in 1930 4th - 31st August 2005 at the National Trust for Scotland, Wemyss House, 28 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. Admission Free.


Dual World Heritage Status for Unique Scottish Islands: July 2005


The press release accompanying the extension of the world heritage designation to include the cultural landscape has been added to the site.


World Heritage Cultural Landscapes: April 2005


At the request of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, and on behalf of the Scottish Executive and the UK government, the NTS has produced a comparative analysis of St Kilda with other places in the world. You can download this and see for yourself why we think that St Kilda is incomparable! Also downloadable is a paper presented to an international conference on cultural landscapes in April 2005, discussing some of the issues raised in producing the Comparative Analysis document.


Marine Environment Gains World Heritage Protection: July 2004


The press release accompanying the extension of the world heritage designation to include the marine environment has been added to the site.


Rangers Diary: July 2004


The rangers on StKilda now have an online diary on this website which they can update from St Kilda.


May 2004


· St Kilda Archaelogist's Report 2003
· Various changes to Visiting St Kilda page.
· New Working Party Information page.
· New Cruise Ships page.
· Current Research (pdf format, 251KB)


December 2003


· Gaelic website was launched on the 29th August 2003
· Neil Mitchell was the new National Trust for Scotland Seasonal Ranger
· The National Trust for Scotland gained Approved Body Status from Scottish Natural Heritage to manage the St Kilda National Nature Reserve
· A new 25 year lease agreement was signed with the Ministry of Defence
· A revised nomination bid seeking further World Heritage inscription was submitted to UNESCO


World Heritage Site Nomination Document: April 2003


In February 2003 the Scottish Executive presented a revised nomination to UNESCO seeking further World Heritage inscription under the Natural Heritage and Cultural Landscapes categories in recognition of the outstanding heritage of the islands and the unique example of Scottish history and culture that the islands represent. Further information and the entire nomination document are now available on this site.


St Kilda Management Plan 2003-2008: 30th January 2003


The St Kilda Management Plan 2003 - 2008 has now been finalised and is available online. The management plan has also been submitted to UNESCO along with with the nomination to extend the World Heritage Site status of the islands to include the marine environment and cultural landscape.


St Kilda Archaelogist's Report 2002: 23rd December 2002


Archaology Annual Report December 2002. This report is a summary of the work of the St Kilda Archaeologist in the summer of 2002.

· Management Plan Newsletter - September 2002: 1st October 2002

The September Management Plan newsletter provides information on the Scottish Executive's bid to gain World Heritage Site status for St Kilda's marine environment and cultural landscape and discusses the Consultation Draft Management Plan.

· Managing St Kilda: 1st October 2002

The Managing St Kilda section has been updated with a full Consultation Draft of the St Kilda Management Plan 2002-2007. The Management Plan is now avaliable in PDF format for your review. A Consultation Response Form has been made available for your comments on the Management Plan.


Management Plan Newsletter - March 2002: 27th May 2002


An introduction to the Management Planning process, and a guide to where it had reached by April 2002. For a more detailed description of the process, go to Management Plan Consultation.


Statement of Significance and Vision Statement: 27th May 2002


These critical parts of the Management Plan summarise what people think is important about St Kilda, and how those important aspects might be managed in the long term. Everyone is encouraged to comment on these statements, which are at the heart of the Management Plan.


Perceptions of St Kilda: 27th May 2002


Details of a research project looking at St Kilda from outside.

The results of this study will be brought to this website. If you are involved in research about St Kilda and need help or have information you would like to share, please let us know at:


St Kilda Management Plan: 4th February 2002


Updates to the St Kilda Management Plan with comments from the Harris Public Meeting.


New Section: Art, Language and Culture24th December 2001


The St Kilda Portfolio, a new work of art, is described.


Major Redesign: 24th December 2001


The whole website has been redesigned to make it more vibrant and easier to use and navigate through.


Site Search Facility: Search 24th December 2001


Fast search facility for the whole of the website.


Panoramic Movie: Photo Tours 7th November 2001


360 degree panoramic view of Village Bay. Requires downloadable QuickTime software.


New Section: Managing St Kilda 1st November 2001


Major new section which gives updated information on the process of producing the new St Kilda Management Plan.


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