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Access to Dun, Boreray and Soay

St Kilda consists of four main islands - Hirta, Dun, Boreray and Soay as well as several sea stacs. Visitors are welcome to visit St Kilda. Village Bay on Hirta is the main access point, where visitors can come ashore at the jetty at any time of year. In the summer months the archipelago is one of the most important seabird breeding colonies in the North Atlantic supporting the largest gannet colony in the world and three-quarters of a million seabirds in total. Visitors can enjoy this amazing sight from their boats but those who wish to land on Dun, Boreray, Soay or the sea stacs are asked to get in touch with the Area Manager or Ranger before their visit. We can then give you the information you require to access responsibly and safely, without disturbing the nesting birds. However the following information is given as guidance as to when access is likely to contravene the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Please be aware that the exact dates will vary year to year:

  • Dun - breeding birds on all access routes between April and September and recommend you avoid the south of the island because of fragile habitat.
  • Soay - breeding birds on the access route between mid-April and mid August.
  • Boreray - the Scapanish landing is preferred to Sunadal during April to August to avoid disturbance to puffins. The gannet colonies are high up on Boreray and care should be taken not to disturb them, we recommend you avoid the area.
  • Stac Lee & Stac an Armin - breeding birds on all areas between April and September.

St Kilda is a World Heritage Site for its cultural sites, landscape and wildlife. Please help us to take care of this special place by accessing responsibly without disturbing the wildlife and by seeking advice and information from our staff and website.

For further information please contact:

Susan Bain
Western Isles Area Manager
National Trust for Scotland
T: 01463 732 645

The Ranger (April - September only)
St Kilda

T: 01870 604 628

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