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Turas Tony

31 August 2012

We were visited by a film crew making the Turas Tony program for the BBC Alba Gaelic channel. Actor Tony Kearney, aka Turas Tony,  joined the NTS ranger team to experience the varied aspects of our jobs. His day began assisting Paul  with the pleasant task of meeting enthusiastic visitors at the Jetty.

Turas Tony1Tony doing the meet and greet

photo top: preparing for tourists to arrive (Paul Sharman)

photo bottom: Tony meeting the tourists at the top of the jetty (Solus Glasgow)Tony doing the meet and greet

Dressed in his NTS fleece, Tony made a good job of handling the St Kilda rush hour a few minutes later. Then, taking the rough with the smooth he took his turn to pressure wash slippery algae from the jetty steps.  This job can only be done at low tide of course so he had to crack on before the water started to rise again.

Turas Tony 2

photo: cleaning the algae from the jetty steps (Paul Sharman)

He finished his day as the Ranger by manning the till in the St Kilda shop - apparently the hardest job of  all!    Then it was off to join Gina, the seabird and marine ranger, to help check the nest boxes she has installed on the other side of the island.   Gina and Turas Tony

On route, we took advantage of the good weather and pointed out the island chain, including Tony's home island of Barra.Tony pointing out Barra

Photo: pointing to Barra (Solus Glasgow)

The nest boxes are near the Lover's stone so Tony and Jim (the producer) climbed up and posed for a photo.Tony and Jim the producer on the Lovers stone

photo: On the Lover's stone, not quite standing! (Gina Prior)


The crew had some wild weather to contend with during their stay and they left in rough conditions. Film crew leaving on Orca III

photo: Waving goodbye as they film crew leave on a miserable weather day (Gina Prior)

We all enjoyed having the film crew around and now look forward to the program when it is broadcast on BBC Alba in November.NTS staff and the film crew moments before leaving the island

 photos: NTS staff and the film crew (Gina Prior)


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