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Jubilee celebrations

3 June 2012

We might be on a small island but folk on St Kilda joined in the celebrations to mark the Queen's jubilee.  The bank holiday and some fairly good weather gave us a great opportunity to have a BBQ. With limited resources, Bev had the genius idea to make bunting by stringing together the maritime signal flags - I hope they didn't spell anything rude!Bunting and a sunny skyBunting, base and Dun

Photos: signal bunting; bunting from roof to roof

Everyone on island was invited and it was great to see QinetiQ staff, contractors, NTS, the Work Party and mouse researchers gathered together.  Tom, and Bev took charge of the cooking; I've never seen so much meat!

Tom contemplating the task aheadThings start to heat upFire + Meat = BBQ!

Photos: Tom contemplating the task ahead; the BBQ heating up; lots of meat!

Bev and Tom cooking scrumptious food!David, work party leader, is served his food

Photos: Busy but still time to smile; David, the work party leader, gets his food

Kevin, had his bagpipes sent out to the island and at several points throughout the night he entertained us all by playing a tune or two - fab effort considering the poor man had a chest infection!   Pete, the temporary ranger, borrowed an acoustic guitar and strummed songs that we could croak along to.  The night ended with an impromptu dance with Kevin leading a strip-the-willow. 

Kevin playing the pipes.Pete playing some brilliant tunes on the guitarKevin plays the pipes while folk dance on

Great night! Thanks to all for joining in.



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