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Ruff times

15 August 2014
Look what the wind has blown in.  It's a juvenile Ruff. This species is an uncommon visitor to the island with only 35 sightings since records began in September 1910.Ruff standing tall just in front of the Manse

Ruff's are medium sized waders with a small head, a rather long neck and a medium length bill that is ever so slightly curved.  This juvenile has the characteristic neat feathers on its back which look like scales with dark centres. Feathers like scales on the Ruffs back

It has stayed fairly local over the past few days and isn't particularly fussed by people wandering by on the road as it's too busy trying to foraging for insects.  Hopefully it will get a good feed and head off before the next wave of bad weather pushes in.
Ruff foraging for invertebrates

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