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Hottest place in the UK? Celebs? St Kilda is the place to be!

3 June 2012
St Kilda recently enjoyed several days of hot and sunny weather culminating in a scorcher at the weekend. A temperature of 40.5C was recorded in direct sunlight on Sunday.   A record by any standard!
Sunny skies
That day I met one of the regular day boats to give a bird focused 'meet and greet' to none other than Bill Bailey. Bill was taking a break from his tour of the highlands and islands and he brought along his father and friends to see the archipelago. This was his second visit to St Kilda so after a quick chat about which direction to take to see the largest range of birds they went on their way and had a spectacular day.
Bill Bailey and friends
A group of NTS and QinetiQ staff ventured over to the Tunnel in the most glorious of conditions.   The water inside the tunnel was almost perfectly calm giving us a chance to appreciate the spectacular colours all around us. 
Colourful tunnel

It was great to go walking with other people and show them a place that I visit regularly but they had never seen before. Andy on the slope of the tunnel
People scattered in the tunnel

Top Photo: Andy Walsh peaks over the edge

Bottom Photo: People scattered in the tunnel (QQ: Gary Stephenson, John MacVicar, Ruraidh Campbell, QFM: Mickey MacCormick, NTS: Andy Walsh)

The view was incredible...Boreray through the tunnel

...and we even saw creatures great and small.Seal smiling in the tunnelLouse at the tunnel

Thanks to all the guys who joined me, I look forward to our next walk!


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