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Eyes to the sky!

8 October 2015
St Kilda as a World Heritage Site is a remarkable place but add the raw beauty of the Northern Lights and it becomes truly spectacular.  At half past nine on Wednesday night the sky came alive with light at an intensity I have never seen before.       An arc of green pulsed behind Conachair, ribbons of red rippled vertically and pulses of pink appeared randomly above.   Northern lights - A green glow over Hirta (Photo: Gina Prior)

As much as I wanted to try and photograph the dazzling display I didn't want to miss out on the experience so I set my camera aside and just lived the moment.  As time ticked on I realised this wasn't going to be a fleeting event; I took one more snap of the Plough and dazzling green glow then dashed up the hill.  I desperately wanted to see the lights over Boreray....could I get to the Gap in time?Northern Lights - The Plough and an arc of green over Conachair (Photo: Gina Prior)

Yes!   The Lights did calm but they flickered over Boreray for an hour or so before the cloud started to roll in and the first rain drops fell.    While I was at the Gap I couldn't help but wonder how many people over the years have taken the opportunity to watch the Northern Lights from the hillside? Not many, I suspect, which makes it all the more treasured an experience.     Northern Lights dancing over Boreray (Photo: Gina Prior)
Magical moments that won't be forgotten any time soon....


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