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Out of Africa

9 September 2014

We certainly do seem to be receiving some well travelled visitors at the moment. Joining the ringed plover from Canada we have had two more exotic migrants land on our doorstep.

The first, on 4th September, was an Oleander hawk moth from North Africa. This hawk moth is a rare migrant to the UK and even rarer to Scotland. The recent sighting at St Kilda is the very first ever recorded in the Outer Hebrides.

Oleander Hawk Moth

(Photo credit Shirley Leek)

Not many Oleanders at St KIlda but I hope it found some nectar rich flowers to feed on while visiting us.

The second exotica was a juvenile Red-backed shrike. This young chap stopped by on his way down south to winter in Africa.

Red-backed Shrike 2

Where he hatched, only he can tell us but with only 1-3 breeding pairs in the UK and only 250 ever seen in passage down the east coast of Britain, this bird is quite a scoop in the most westerly of the Western Isles.




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