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Royal Wedding Day on St Kilda

30 April 2011

Contrary to popular opinion St Kilda does have some glorious weather as well as rain and gales. This past week has been no exception. Spring is cruise ship season and meeting enthusiastic visitors is one of the highlights of my job here. As Ranger I generally go on board cruise ships to give the passengers a short talk to prepare them for landing on the island. On Friday 29th April (Royal Wedding Day) the Ocean Nova dropped anchor here and I entertained 60 folk on the island (and on board for a right royal barbecue lunch). Note the Gluwein!

Ocean Nova 290411

One appropriate anecdote I related concerned a past 'Royal Wedding' on St Kilda. In the mid 19th century a St Kildan woman, nicknamed 'The Queen', was married by the Presbyterian minister. A boatload of tourists appeared bringing presents for the so called royal couple. The St Kildans were not impressed at having their personal and private ceremony invaded and spurned the gifts.



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