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Last of the 2017's Work Parties

23 June 2017



This is just a short and sweet post to thank the second work party for all their hard work. Indeed the island is looking better than ever thanks to the efforts of both work parties.

The watercourses are flowing,Craig1Craig2An Lag finally unleashed last weekend, what a sight! Our watercourses did their job perfectly, no flooding in the houses and The Street remained mostly clear of rushing water!


the soil store is heaped,Craig3

Look at that beautiful pile! Soil is quite the commodity on St Kilda, we need it desperately for our turf roofs and we can’t bring any on to the island. This will rot down nicely over winter.

turf roofs are patched,Craig4Craig5Patching the last two years of turf roof repair is instrumental to the success of the repair itself. Hence the need for soil!

drystone walls are rebuiltCraig6Craig7Stone for stone repair of the Glebe Wall behind the Manse. It’s quite the complex jigsaw puzzle!


museum is spotless,Craig8Museum clean involves taking many of the artefacts out of their displays and giving them a good dusting. Always exciting to handle the same material used by the St Kildans!

and the archaeologist is happy!Craig9Taking a break between Cleit Monitoring up on Oiseval.

The work parties have taken their various roads home, and they leave with our thanks!Craig10

Cheers for now,


St Kilda Archaeologist

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