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Walls, walls, walls

25 July 2007

For the past month I have been studying and photographing the head dyke in Village Bay. The head dyke was built in the 1830s as part of the reorganisation of the agricultural fields on Hirta. It was originally built to keep livestock off the crops grown in the village.


In the walls I have seen stone tools, broken bits of pottery and glass, as well as blocked entranceways.  Every photograph records a 2-metre stretch of the wall. All these digital photographs were then stitched together to create panoramic views.


head dyke

 A 2-metre stretch of wall, including a blocked entrance in the centre


head dyke panoramic

A panoramic view of a stretch of the head dyke



This photographic record forms a vital part of the conservation of the drystane dykes.  The dykes are fragile and small stretches of it do occasionally collapse, but now with this photographic record we can rebuild each segment of the head dyke in its original St Kildan style.





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