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Flight to St Kilda

3 May 2014

Another new season and we fly in with the birds.

Helicopter Taxi

 Our taxi awaits and unlike most visitors enduring a three hour sea crossing we are whisked to St Kilda in a matter of minutes.


 After leaving Kyle of Localsh the views across Skye were spectacular.


Approaching Benbecula the lowlying islands show how much land there could have been between the Outer Hebrides and St Kilda before melting icesheets raised sealevels. Early settlers could have hopped from island to island to reach their destination. In the currently changing climate how long will it be before this view disappears beneath the ocean?


Onwards and upwards, there is always a sense of vulnerability when considering how much we depend on fossil fuel powered machinery nowadays.


 Passing Boreray to starboard we will soon be arriving at Hirta, our home for the summer months.


In good weather and the capable hands of our experienced pilot we safely land at the Village but St Kilda is not always so benign to human air travellers.


Not even four of these once powerful engines could save a WW2 Sunderland Flying Boat from disaster in the mist seventy years ago. The wreckage scattered across Glen Mhor stand as a salutory reminder just how vulnerable we really are flying in each season. We might avoid the discomfort of sea-sickness experienced by many of our boat visitors, but there is the measurable risk of a far higher cost to pay one day.


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