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Where does the time go?!

12 May 2017

Unbelievable to think I arrived over three weeks ago and that I am only just finding a few minutes to sit and write a diary entry.  Capturing everything that happens in words is tricky so I won’t even try. Instead, I’ll show you in photographs…

Weather – a glorious heat wave last week almost made us forget the four-seasons-in-one-day weather, bitterly cold winds and stormy skies of the week before.Village Bay from the Point of Coll, 2017Stormy sky, spring 2017

Scenery - this place…well…it’s amazing in all lights, all weather and at all hours of the day. What more is there to say?Panoramic of Gleann BayVillage Bay from above, 2017Village Bay Panoramic

Boats – a great start to the season with day boats a-plenty, cruise ships, a tall ship, charters and yachts. Not to mention a couple of landing crafts this week. Welcome ashore! Boat in the bay from the Point of Coll, 2017Everyday is different - a variety of boats in the bay, spring 2017A busy boat day, spring 2017Forth Guardsman, spring 2017

Sealife – daily sightings of seals in the bay and hauled out on the rocks. Passengers aboard some of the day boats are already seeing cetaceans with one bunch of lucky folk getting good views of Risso dolphins.  How envious am I ?!Seals snoozing on rocks, Spring 2017Seal in the bay, 2017

Migrants – a steady trickle passing through, most of which I’m not quick enough to photograph.   If you’re visiting, watch out for the swan who seems to have made the village its home for the last few months and thinks nothing of hissing if you get in the way! Redwing passing through, spring 2017Redpoll, spring 2017A handful of migrants passing through, spring 2017Waders wandering on Ruaival, 2017

Overwintering swan 2017

Lambs – growing fast! Just a few weeks ago they were 'velcroed' alongside mum or huddled together to keep warm. Now there are lamb gangs racing through the village, popping out from behind buildings and climbing on the walls (shhhhhhh, don’t tell the archaeologist)!Trio of lambs sheltering from the bitterly cold wind, 2017Lamb races in the VillageLambs clambering on walls, spring 2017

Seabirds - once the Arctic Skuas arrive at the end of the month we’ll have our full complement of seabird species.  The solitary pair of Kittiwake is back on the Ruaival cliff, fulmars glide gracefully along cliff edges, puffins are rafting on the water and loafing on land while the great skuas introduce themselves to visitors with enthusiastic swoops!Solitary pair of kittwakes in the Ruaival monitoring plotPuffins rafting in Village Bay

Next week looks busy with a visit from our CEO on Tuesday, the first Work Party arriving on Wednesday and a cruise ship on Friday. Of course, it is all entirely weather dependent and with some strong winds forecast who knows what will happen!




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