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Colour rings

13 May 2014

I headed out today to look for Oystercatcher territories.  Whilst I was on Oiseval the great skuas were paying me remarkably little attention so I decided to record some of their colour ring combinations.   Great skua colour rings - WWBBGreat skua colour rings - WWTWGreat skua colour rings - WTWR


Because the skuas nest in such close proximity on Oiseval it becomes quite a chore to walk this hill as the weeks progress.  Luckily only one of a dozen or so pairs of birds swooped at me which suggests that breeding season isn't in full swing yet. 

Great skua colour rings - RRWW


Turns out that all the colour ringed birds were ringed by Will Miles while he was conducting his PhD on skuas and petrels just a few years ago.



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