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What are YOU doing here?

10 October 2014

I looked out the window today and saw this little guy peaking out from behind a rock:A goldcrest - head peaking out from behind a rock


A goldcrest!  Normally associated with forests it is quite out of place here and surely must have arrived during the storms at the beginning of the week. At 9cm in length and weighing only 5gs it really is a very small and dainty little bird, the smallest in Europe in fact.    Goldcrest standing still for a second


As my all time favourite bird I was determined to try and get a few record shots. Not an easy task considering these birds rarely stay still for more than a few milliseconds! Goldcrest


More at home flying about within the tree canopy this bird had to make do with foraging amongst the grass and on paths surrounding the base. It stayed within a relatively small area for a little while suggesting there wasn't a shortage of bugs and beasties for it to eat. A good thing considering it has to make a journey of at least 60 odd kilometers before it can refuel again. Goldcrest foraging amongst little stonesGoldcrest foraging




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