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Digging for fairies

26 July 2004

The past month has seen intensive archaeological survey and excavation around the souterrain or 'Fairy House' in Village Bay.  Work parties under the expert guidance of staff from Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division conducted a geophysical survey, this technique allows archaeologists to 'see' below ground and can identify buried features such as walls or pits.

The excavation centred around the souterrain, an iron age store house or cellar.  We'd hoped to find out the location of 19th century antiquarian excavations and assess the nature and extent of surviving archaeological deposits.  Initial results were very encouraging showing undisturbed archaeological areas including a possible extension to the souterrain itself an an intriguing line of small stones that was soon nicknamed the 'Fairy dyke'.

Time this year didn't allow for a full excavtion and the site was backfilled and re-turfed.  However we have shown that there is probably surviving pre-historic remains.


Fairy Dyke

Work party 5 excavtating around the souterrain

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