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Filming the experience

1 August 2012

Many film makers come to St Kilda to make documentaries based on our cultural heritage and wildlife. This week we had a group filming the archipelago from an experiential angle. They wanted to record the 'feel' or phenomenology of our amazing land and seascape. I had the good fortune to go along for the ride aboard the Stornoway charter yacht Elinca.

Filming Boreray1

As always, Boreray and the Stacs proved ever popular for film makers in search of the sublime.  Not only was the visual dimension important but sounds of seabirds echoing along the cliffs were recorded to complete the ambience as we slowly cruised by.

Filming Boreray2

Being based in Village Bay, I rarely get the chance to see the south side of Dun but on board the Elinca I saw the sheer and rugged far side in intimate detail.

Filming Dun

The trip finished with a welcome shared meal on board the yacht. If only there were a few more days like this!





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