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7 June 2014

As Ranger most of my duties revolve around keeping visitors to St Kilda safe, happy and well informed while they are here. A visitor came up to me at a busy moment recently and asked about bats on St Kilda.

My standard reply is 'We haven't got bats at St Kilda, it's too far across the sea for them to fly and we don't think there are any bats resident here'. Imagine my surprise when not just one, but three visitors that day showed me photos of a bat they had seen resting on a cleit.

Nathusius pipistrelle

Photo credit Kerry Sutton-Spence.

So in spite of teams of naturalists having pored over Hirta for years there is always something new to discover. This Nathusius' pipistrelle came from who knows where but has increased our terrestrial mammal count by 33.3%. The St Kilda Field Mouse and Soay Sheep have now been joined by a bat!



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