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Stormy days and repairs

4 May 2016
It has been a stormy start to the year meaning that boat trips and helicopter flights have been frequently cancelled.  This has not been all bad news as we have had the benefit of our dyker Innes for longer than expected.  He has been able to repair a couple of damaged cleits like this example 803 sited above the quarry.

This is my first time to St Kilda so I am still learning where to go and what to do. Because the weather is so changeable it produces some fabulous sunny spreads between the showers creating the familiar images of St Kilda.

At this time of year the main work of the St Kilda Archaeologist is recording the condition of the cleits, houses and enclosures as part of our agreement with Historic Environment Scotland (formerly Historic Scotland) as part of our commitment to managing this as a World Heritage Site.  While climbing up the hills to reach some of the cleits and avoiding the bonxies (not yet in full aggressive mode fortunately) it does give me the opportunity to explore the island in some detail.

And you do come across additional surprises, like this orchid struggling to flower above the heather.

Jonathan Wordsworth
NTS Archaeologist

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