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Wacky races

12 August 2005


On Tuesday we waved goodbye to the last work party of the 2005 season. It was 12 weeks ago that we welcomed work party 1. The summer seems to have flown by since then.

Work party 6 like those before it have worked hard and played hard. They leave the church with gleaming new paintwork, the cottage roofs are ready to face another Atlantic winter, cleit roofs have been repaired and a 101 other small tasks that would have been a matter of course for the St Kildans have been completed.

In amongst all this, they still found time to compete in the annual Kilda raft race. The race was held on a sunny St Kilda Sunday. In a true scrapheap challenge style teams from the work party, QinetiQ and the NTS/Sheep project constructed their rafts from objects they could scavenge or pilfer from around the village. It was a nail biting, action packed race with skulduggery a plenty.


raft 1


The race gets underway.


After a poor start leaving them miles behind, the NTS raft demonstrated excellent raftsmanship to catch the main field up at the halfway buoy. Here the battle really hotted up, the first of the QinetiQ rafts ‘eliminated’ by a marauding work party member. Whilst the QinetiQ staff battled with the NTS staff rafts the workparty took the opportunity to escape the ensuing melee sneaking over the finish line first. The other QinetiQ raft was able to get away as the NTS raft was set upon by the ‘Safety Boat’!!. Finally the NTS/Sheepie team crossed the line to complete the field.

A great time was had by all, everyone spent the evening enjoying the sunshine that we haven’t seen so much of this year on Kilda.


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