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And me makes three!

9 May 2014

For most people a trip to St Kilda involves a long journey across the mainland followed by a boat trip on hopefully calm seas.  NTS staff are lucky enough to travel by helicopter from Benbecula.  This meant I didn't have far to go since I live just over the road from the airport!Balivanich from the air

Benbecula airport is positioned within metres of a long stretch of beach so immediately upon leaving the runway I had amazing views of the coast.Benbecula beach


The hilltops of Hirta soon appeared out of the haze....Hazy Hirta on the horizon


...and it wasn't long before the familiar landmarks and other islands were clearly visible.

Hirta from between helicopter cables (3)Levinish, Boreray and the Stacs from the air


Twenty minutes after leaving Benbecula I arrived at Village Bay ready to start my fourth season surveying seabirds for the NTS.

Approaching the helipad, passing OisevalVillage bay from the air




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