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Water and waves

13 September 2011

In the morning it was misty and wet but nothing out of the ordinary.

Big burn bursting with waterThrough the hole in the head dyke looking at the big burnWater pouring from the dry(!) burn

The weather improved and for a while I wondered whether Katia had passed us by.

Street with atmospheric mist


By the evening, things were picking up. In the space of a few hours the sea was a spectacular sight…

From this:Small waves early in the day

To this:

The waves just kept getting bigger and bigger

Watching waves is hypnotic. It was difficult to tear myself away as I waited for the next set of waves to crash over the jetty and onto the beach.  

Rolling waves with sprayWaves with Levinish behindWave breaking on Oiseval

Guess we won’t be seeing boats for another day or so…

Big seas!Wave crashing over the jettyJetty covered in water


Gina, Seabird and Marine Ranger

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