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Checking on the puffins

3 July 2015

It's hard to survey when you can't see anything.  Every morning I've woken up full of optimism ready to count, monitor or check on different seabirds only to see the mist descend making surveying virtually impossible. It's a bit frustrating but not much I can do about it!Yet another misty summers day


But what a difference a day makes.  The island was bathed in glorious sunshine today and because the sea was fairly calm I was able to land on Dun to check on the puffins and skuas (thanks again to Angus @KildaCruises).Skua chick on Dun with Hirta bathed in sunshine and a tuft of mist


Photos are a little limited from this trip as I had a huge amount of burrows to check in just a few hours but here's a snap of a puffling just about to get weighed....'awwwwwwwww'..Puffling in a bag just about to get weighed


And this image shows an adult puffin tucked up in its burrow.Early puffin check - puffin in a burrow





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