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Queen's Baton visits St Kilda

8 July 2014
The sun shone and the sea sparkled as the Queen's Baton arrived on Hirta.  The Queens Baton arrives at St Kilda

The baton bearer, Colin Macleod (organiser of 'Swim to  St Kilda' and local charity fundraiser) held the baton high to the applause of the crowd.Colin holding the baton with pride

There were plenty of opportunities for photographs at the 'International Airport Lounge', for the Baton team, staff and visitors....Baton bearer, security and organisation team at the International Airport Lounge
NTS staff with the baton (L-R: Gina Prior, Susan Bain, Eric Koning)

After a visit to the street to meet visitors, Colin ran back to the helipad with the baton held aloft. Colin runs along the road on his way back to the helicopter

And before long the baton and its bearer were on their way to Tarbert to continue the journey onwards through Harris and Lewis.The baton heads off to Tarbet to continue its journey through the Hebrides

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