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23 August 2014

Bits of rubbish have started to gather in the water courses on the Island and although most of it tends not to interfere with the flow of water it looks unsightly and is not how I think visitors should see Hirta. With that in mind, I decided to go wombling!

A stroll through the 'dry' burn gave the largest haul of rubbish with bits of cardboard, string, plastic, tape, an ikea bag, strapping bands and a plastic sack. Seabird ranger goes wombling, items found in the dry burn

Two quite large pieces of wood complete with exposed rusty nails, a broken bucket, a plastic bottle and pieces of bubble wrap were taken from the big burn (Abhainn Mor) just at the end of the street. Most of these items probably blew out of the rubbish skips before they were covered and locked. Seabird ranger goes wombling, items found in the big burn


Although I didn't find much in the Rueval burn, the bits I did remove were quite conspicuous including a square bit of plastic, a couple of thick white plastic bags, a transparent bag and a sharp piece of metal. Seabird ranger goes wombling, items found in the Rueval burn

Seems I wasn't the only person gathering up rubbish from within the Head Dyke, the sheepie volunteers Louise and Becky also cleared a huge piece of packaging from one of the meadows - thanks guys! Thanks also to Lachie and Graeme from QinetiQ for helping me to recycle and correctly dispose of all the items.




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