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Boring Stuff....

22 April 2015

So back again for another season, my sixth one now. On my arrival I have to get on with the mundane jobs the visitors rarely see. After the winter away from the island I found the jetty steps treacherous with slippy seaweed which I have to clean off to make the island's only access point safe for visitors. Not only were the concrete steps slippy but one was broken by the winter storm waves.

Jetty Steps at start of 2015 season

 I have to replace the safety bollards and chains to prevent visitors falling off the unguarded jetty. This can be easier said than done as the sockets fill with compacted sand making the blanking plugs next to impossible to remove without resort to a pressure washer. Small heaps of sand I leave look suspiciously like molehills!


You may have heard about the hurricane force winds that hit St Kilda over the winter. 147mph was recorded at the top of the hill but even at the foot of the hill the wind must have been pretty impressive. Spot the mistake - these containers for explosive liquids are supposed to be within a dedicated compound. One container, while not having exploded had been literally blown up and over the wall to sit sunny side up in a nearby bog. This will have to be lifted up by helicopter and put back in its rightful place.

Containers Blown Away

Onto the serious business of bio-security. Two days back and I had to oversee a landing craft arrival at 0545 on Sunday morning. The landing craft was delivering a septic tank cleaning truck, a gully sucker to conduct its smelly business taking away human waste generated by all and sundry on the island. No we don't spread it over the fields in time honoured St Kildan practice any more! Nothing very romantic about the voyage of this 'Dawn-treader'.....

Landing Craft at Dawn

Hey, ho - it will soon be cruise ship time and much more exiting stuff to report, no doubt.


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