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Last visitors?

16 October 2012
The fishing trawler “Christina E” made an appearance in Village Bay yesterday.  What a sight - it really was huge (length - 80.4 m, width - 16.6 m, steel hull weight - 1825 tons)!Christina E
The boat had left Bergen 5 days previously and some of the 26 crew members came ashore for a few hours to stretch their legs.  It was actually quite strange to see so many people wandering around the Village again!
They told us that the 'Christina E' is a dual purpose boat designed for trawling but also for scientific expeditions for the oil and gas industry. And that's what they were doing - investigating the seabed (not here I should add).  The boat left as darkness fell.Christina E left as darkness fell
(should of used a tripod!)
I wonder whether they will be the last visitors of the year?

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