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Wind, rain, hail and snow – winter time on Kilda

7 December 2011

The weather is becoming increasingly wintery.  The island has been battered by strong winds and a fishing boat entered the bay to seek shelter from the particularly severe sea conditions out in the open water.

Boat taking shelter in the bay during a spell of windy weatherWaves in the bay



Wind speeds in excess of 50 knots are now not uncommon. On one particularly bad night winds of 75 knots (~80mph) were recorded and it was incredible to hear the wind whistling around (and through!) the buildings. 

Strong gust of wind


Sheep seeking shelter behind walls and cleits is a sure sign that conditions are deteriorating.    In this photo you can see four light and one dark coloured sheep hiding behind the wall outside the Manse (and, yes, I was hiding indoors too!)

Lambs taking shelter behind a wall (I take shelter indoors!)


The temperature is dropping and earlier this week we awoke to a dusting of snow on the hills. It didn’t last long, but was an extremely beautiful sight. 

Snowy street scene

Snow on the high ground

Pair of geese in the snowLight dusting of snow


But, it is wrong to assume St Kilda suffers poor weather all the time during the winter months.  We often see clear blue sky days and stunning sunsets as you can see from the photos below. 

Sunset from the top of the hillSunset  behind Dun, not many hours of sunlight in December!Sunset fading lightLight and clouds, sunsets behind the hill



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