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Last cruise boat of the year

9 September 2016
For the last eight years, Captain Alistair McLundie expertly sailed passengers aboard the NTS cruise ship around the Scotland isles. To mark his 'retirement' from the high seas he designed a special cruise featuring his favourite islands... naturally, this included St Kilda! NTS cruise captain

Of course, in September, a landing was far from guaranteed and staff on island pored over weather forecasts trying to guess whether the ship would make it to the archipelago.  We received news yesterday that the Captain would like to try and use a weather window in the early morning to put passengers ashore for a few hours so we got busy preparing the shop for an influx of visitors. Stocked up and waiting for passengers off the NTS cruise shipLots of clothes ready for the NTS cruise shipPostcards stocked but no one to buy them

We were up before six and caught a glimpse of the ships lights in the distance. Another hour passed and the ship appeared in Village Bay NTS cruise ship in Village Bay

Unfortunately, that is as much as we saw of her as within half an hour she headed back out to sea. NTS cruise ship leaves Village Bay

Sea conditions were changing rapidly and with so many passengers aboard there just wasn't the time for a landing.
Terrible weather stops passengers from the NTS cruise coming ashore

I enjoy welcoming enthusiastic visitors and meeting fellow NTS staff from other properties so it was a great shame that no one made it on to land. The ship did circumnavigate the archipelago which is a small consolation, but being so near yet so far must be very disappointing. NTS cruise circumnavigation

Hopefully, people will get another opportunity to visit – we will be waiting!


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