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17 July 2014
At this time of year it's virtually impossible to walk around the Island without bumping into a chick. Even the most cursory of glances at a cliff edge will show chicks peppered across the rock faces.  It’s a wonderful sight and although I like to kid myself that I’m a serious ecologist I can't help but say  “awwwwwwwww” when I come across some of these balls of fluff...

Fulmars:Small fulmar nestled next to a rockFluffy fulmar chick

Puffins:Puffin chick on DunSmall puffin chick

Great skua:
Great skua chick standing

Arctic skua:Arctic skua chick with egg tooth still visible
Guillemots:Guillemot chick on a ledge at the Tunnel

Shearwater:Small shearwater chick

Eiders:Female eiders and their young at the tunnel


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