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Nest box success!

19 September 2017
Great news!  Our new Leach's Storm-petrel nest boxes are a success -  Smudge has flown the nest!Leachs Storm-petrel on St Kilda

On day 65 after hatching, Smudge's nest box was empty.  We've followed him since he was a small ball of down:Smudge in the early days

to this, taken just a few days before fledging.Smudge a few days before fledging

What of the other two chicks?   Unfortunately, Splodge only survived for a few days before he was found dead.  This was upsetting and disappointing but also quite interesting as he was found outside of the nest box.  Maybe he got tangled up in his parents legs and was dragged accidentally down the burrow tube or maybe a mouse predated him?  Hopefully we can apply for funding next year to install trail cameras as this would certainly allow us to find out more about our bird's behaviour and that of the mice.

There is much more positive news about Squirt, he is doing well but has a good few weeks of growing to do yet before he fledges sometime in October.  Keep checking in for updates!


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