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Last visitors of the season

25 September 2006

On 14th September, the cruise ship Clipper Adventurer visited St Kilda. The weather had been poor for several days before the visit, with gale-force south-easterly winds creating a large swell in the bay the day before the ship was due to arrive. Luckily however, the wind died down overnight, conditions in the bay improved, and it turned out to be a fine day. The ship arrived in Village Bay at 7.30am as scheduled and I went aboard to brief the passengers before they came ashore. Several Zodiacs then ferried around 90 people across to the jetty, eight at a time. The group of mostly American tourists appeared delighted to have made it to St Kilda. Sam, Sarah and myself each led a group on a tour of the village, after which, some of the more energetic visitors went for a walk to the Gap to take in the stunning view of Boreray and the stacks. We were then kept busy for the remainder of the visit manning the St Kilda Club Shop. The group seemed thrilled with their visit and we very much enjoyed having them here. By 12.30pm, the last of our visitors had left for the ship and the island was quiet once again.


Clipper Adventurer in Village Bay


The Clipper Adventurer in Village Bay


A day or two later, the weather deteriorated again and we were without visitors for more than a week. On 23rd September, the Orca made its final trip of the year, bringing out 11 people, likely to be our last visitors of the season.


Jon Easton (Ranger)

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