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Both ends of the day

2 September 2016
We were blessed with a weekend of spectacular weather and I figured a trip out to see a sunset and sunrise was long overdue. Work commitments meant I couldn't quite make it over to the Cambir to watch the sunset but the views from Mullach Bi were just as impressive! A photo of me taking a photoSunset from Mullach Bi (Photo Gina Prior)

After a few hours sleep it was time to head up to the Gap to watch the sun rise.
Sunrise over Boreray from the Gap (Photo Gina Prior)

I had hoped for a sky on wasn't quite that dramatic but it was stunningly beautiful with plenty to watch such as the subtle changes in colours, seeing the Oiseval cliffs bathed in first light and hearing the Fulmars gradually stir from their ledges. Orange sunrise over BorerayFulmar at sunrise

An amazing memory and one I hope to repeat when we get another good spell of weather at the weekend.....


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