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Visitors start arriving

13 May 2016
Seal pup on slipway by jetty 6th May
With good weather over the last week we have had a number of visitors arriving.  This seal pup basked on the slipway by the jetty for most of the day to the entertainment of the boat passengers arriving on the island.  It remained for most of the day unfazed by the visitors.

We have also had our first cruise boat of the year, the Hebridean Sky, with 98 passengers landing including an old friend of St Kilda, John Love as tour guide.

Cruise 2016 First of the year

Taking advantage of the good weather I have been carrying out the annual monitoring of coastal erosion which is incrementally eating way at Village Bay.  The changes this winter have not been severe but continue to be of concern as they undermine the sea walls surrounding Village Bay.

Coastal erosion 2016
The archaeologist also has to monitor the condition of a number of cleits and other buildings across the island. As the example below shows this is also causing change to the St Kilda landscape and the work of the Work Parties and drystone dykers like Innes, recorded in my last post, try to arrest this change at least in the Village Bay area.

Cleit 613 in 2007
Cleit 613 in Mullach Gael as recorded in 2007

Cleit 613 2016
The severe storms of the winter 2014/2015 caused the roof of this cleit to collapse leaving it to survive as it is today.

The first work party arrives next week and within its work programme are repairs to the roofs of a couple of cleits within the village and next week's blog should be from our new relief warden Kirsten who only started this week.

Jonathan Wordsworth
St Kilda Archaeologist

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