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Summer weather causes flooding

2 July 2015
Just thought I’d give you an update on how the ‘heatwave’ is being experienced on St Kilda. On Tuesday morning we woke to find an incredible amount of ground-water around. More than I’ve seen in three seasons out here – including in wintertime.

The museum was flooded – an old problem that hasn’t reared its head in a few years.  Luckily we were prepared with plastic covers to protect the bottom of the display cases whilst everything else can be lifted up out the water. As it is always heated and has a de-humidifier running at all times, the museum dried very quickly as soon as the water dropped. Within a few hours of this image being taken it was dry. 2015 Flooded museum

The Abhainn Illishgil or ‘Dry Burn’ has had water in it all year this year but was in particularly full flow.

2015 Abhainn Illishgil in spate

One of the big jobs which the work parties undertake every year is to clear out the watercourses in Village Bay. These are usually bone dry and I think many WP members don’t believe us when we say these flood so see the proof below!2015 More drains running2015 Drains in action2015 The big drain in the Tobair Childa burn.

According to the BBC man, the good weather in the rest of the UK is being caused by the permanent bad weather over us sucking up hot air from Africa. So if you are having good weather it’s because ours is bad! You’re welcome…


Àrsair Hiort/ St Kilda Archaeologist

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