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To the sea!

22 April 2012

Today, Angus from Kilda Cruises, asked whether I wanted to go out for a ‘spin’ on his new boat, Orca III.   ‘Yes!!’ was the immediate response!  So, together with others living on the island we left the Bay…

Leaving the bay, lots of spray(lots of spray as we left Village Bay)


I absolutely love seeing the island from different angles.  Being on a boat also has the advantage that I can spy on the cliffs and see where the seabirds are nesting, I’m never quite 100% switched off from work!    

Guillemots are back at their breeding ledges

As we headed out of the Bay, it was immediately obvious that the puffins are now back in huge numbers.

Puffins on the water

The landscape is constantly changing and Angus pointed out a relatively recent rock fall at the back of the Cambir.  The boat operators are an invaluable resource – they see the island’s sea cliffs on a daily basis and provide a watchful eye over areas that the Rangers rarely catch a glimpse of.  I, for one, appreciate when information is passed on by all visiting boatman and it highlights the good relationship we share.

Recent rockfall on the Cambir

On Thursday, a visitor to the island reported an eagle flying high over Conachair.  We often hear reports like these, but more often than not the sighting turns out to be a bonxie!   At the back of Soay, everyone on the boat was looking in awe at the cliffs when out of nowhere there the eagle was. Bloomin’ fantastic! 

Sea eagle flying high over Soay 

It disappeared and we continued around Soay, the stacs were spectacular and as imposing as ever. 

Imposing stacs

Many thanks to Angus and Kiki for taking us out!



(Seabird and Marine Ranger)

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