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Comings and goings

4 July 2012

St Kilda is considered the remotest habitable place in the UK. It doesn't always feel like that. As I write we have four daytrip boats moored in the bay, an Army Landing Craft on the beach, a helicopter on the landing pad and a cruise ship arrival expected immanently. We can easily have a couple of hundred people arriving on a busy day. The hundred year old jetty begins to feel like Piccadilly Circus on days like this.

Ships come in all shapes and sizes from ocean liners to sea-kayaks. The picture below shows a typical days traffic with a restored sailboat leaving as a cruise ship drops anchor.

 Ships large and small

At a practical level large deliveries come by military landing craft. Everything from the council dustcart to tanks of diesel oil for the power station arrive on this versatile vessel.

Landing Craft

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