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Mid season in a puffin colony

17 June 2015

A few days ago I arranged a walk with Work Party 2 to see the puffins in one of the busiest colonies on Hirta.  Unfortunately, on the day of the walk there were virtually no puffins in the colony - a few sat on some boulders and there as an odd 'one or two' flying in and out but remarkably few in comparison to days before when the area had been bustling with birds.....  Mid Season Puffins - Puffins dropping out the sky everywhere


Birds peaked out from every rock.Mid Season Puffins - peaking out from behind rocks


Some in the distance.Mid Season Puffins - Single puffin with two flying overhead


And there were even a few puffins bringing in vegetation. This would be quite late to start building a nest so I hope the birds were just making their nest sites more comfy.Mid Season Puffins - stretching wings holding vegetationMid Season Puffins - bringing in vegetationMid Season Puffins - vegetation and sea




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