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John, Paul, Ringo and Toastcrumb

8 June 2005

Well, the cloud level has been down below 300 ft for much of the past week, so we've been finding ways to keep ourselves entertained in our temporarily limited world. Advantages have been finding time to catch up on paperwork, disadvantages the fact that the helicopter has not been in to bring us food for over a week now and supplies are running a bit low. We're all begging and borrowing different bits of food from each other, but chocolate and coffee supplies on the island are now reaching critical condition!

Two beetle researchers, Geoff Hancock and Jeanne Robinson, from Glasgow University have been with us for a week studying the island's insect population. Their main aim was to find samples of a rare and endangered weevil, Ceutorhynchus insularis, which lives on scurvy grass, looking at variations in colour between samples found here and on other islands. Two adults were found, each with different coloured legs. Said specimens were taken on a night out to the Puff Inn and passed around for admiration - however, the audience remained distinctly underwhelmed, with comments ranging from "they look like mouse poo with legs" to "they look just like burnt toast crumbs". Maybe you have to be an entomologist to really appreciate such insect gems.

Looking for bugs in sheep poo - a game for all the familyLooking for bugs in sheep poo - a game for all the family

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