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Almost time to say farewell to the Puffins....

27 July 2017

It won’t be long before our Puffins head out to sea, but until that happens there are still plenty to see!  Admittedly, if you are a day visitor then Puffins aren’t so easy to spot on Hirta itself - try sitting up at the Gun and glancing at the lower slopes of Oiseval - but they are still here in their thousands and quite easy to see from a boat. Look towards Dun where you’ll catch sight of Puffins buzzing overhead or on the water where birds might be gathered together in rafts. Puffin productivity: Rafting at sea

At the weekend I got my Puffin fix. I had planned to walk to the Cambir but the wind picked up so instead I dropped onto the slopes and down into the sheltered boulder fields – blue sky, no wind, and dare I say sweltering heat made for a very enjoyable few hours of exploring a little visited area and watching Puffins zooming by.  End of season puffins carn mor

Plenty of birds were still returning to the colony with beaks full of fish for their chicks:End of season puffins with fish 2017 v2


Many flew circuits overhead, while others sat about the colony...Apologies to Craig, these Puffins clearly didn't get the memo about not standing on the archaeology!End of season puffins in flight 2017 v3End of season puffins 2017 v1 End of season puffins on a cleit 2017 v6


Once over the ridge it was obvious that the island had been enveloped in a fluffy hug.  Mist rolling over the hills like a waterfall isn't something we see all that often, needless to say it was very beautiful.End of season puffins mist TOTH End of season puffins mistfall


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