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Return of the almost Native

25 April 2013

So here I am back again for another season on St Kilda. Last year's 'Tup Lovin' certainly achieved the desired results. It is amazing watching the Soay lambs being born. This one was struggling to get up with its back legs yet to emerge into the spring sunshine.

New Born Lamb

The weather hasn't all been benign Before arriving I was marooned on Benbecula for a week due to strong winds cancelling the helicopter, let alone the boats crossing over here. At times I thought the striped pole at Benbecula airport would blow away too!

Windsock Benbecula

I have been on my own here this past week and undertook a small archaeological task. The gravestone memorial to Donald Ferguson and Rachel Gillies is almost 100 years old and has suffered in this harsh environment. Whether it has been the weather or crows pecking, the lead lettering is in need of replacement. I carefully carried out a 'brass rubbing' to send to our Archaeological team who will attend to restoration of this monument later in the year.

Ferguson Memorial Setting

Ferguson Memorial Damage

I have to get ready for the arrival of our annual visitors and need to spend time getting the jetty, our only safe access point, ready. There was already one visitor happily sunning him or herself and from their expression I could see that getting back in the cold water wasn't a desired option. This adolescent seal was just not going to move and had to be treated like a traffic island! It did return to the water, but only after the warm sun went down.

Seal Pup Traffic Island

It has been a long dry cold winter in the UK.  St Kilda has been no exception and was looking pretty grey on my arrival. It was a pleasant surprise to come across this Purple Saxifrage in full bloom as I took a walk the other evening.

Purple Saxifrage

On my return to the Village, it struck me just how many twin lambs there are this year. This pair were having great fun on the stony shore. Like all children they were enjoying their first time at the seaside.

Twins at the Seaside

Until later, Paul.











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