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What a difference a day makes....

5 September 2016
Sundays are made for relaxing, well they might be from now on given that the pressures of field work have eased and the numbers of visitors is declining. I decided to head up Conachair and then down to the little visited 'cleit at the end of the world'.  This is a cleit that not many people go to because access involves a bit of a scramble which is definitely not advisable in anything but dry weather. It was a fairly calm afternoon, the sun provided some warmth and it was a glorious day to be out exploring the island. Looking back towards the Gap from the cleit at the end of the worldCleit at the end of the world

Twelve hours later and the weather has turned... The blue sky is grey, visibility is poor, the gentle cooling breeze is now one furious gust after another and the calm inviting seascape is now churned up but menacingly enchanting.
Waves over the jetty during a September storm
This poor run of weather is no good for the boat operators so it looks like the island will remain quiet for another few days...


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