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Full circle

18 November 2015
Back in 2014, Work Party 1 invited me to put a postcard in their mailboat that set sail on the 4th June.    I have worked at St Kilda, on and off, since 2003 but in all that time I have never sent any mail off island in anything other than a postbag.  I think you'll agree that 'The Kilda Lass' as the boat was named is quite beautiful. Christine Carrick did a wonderful job of creating the artwork and it is an outstounding effort considering she had nothing more than bits of cardboard to use as a brush!   And yes, it really was as pink as it looks!St Kilda Mailboat - The Kilda Lass - made in 2014  (Photo Christine Carrick)
Quite the delight then to receive my postcard, and in good condition (well done Tommy for building such a sturdy boat), in yesterday's mailbag!  Unfortunately, the postmark is virtually nonexistent but I can just about make out the last three letters 'way' - so presumably found somewhere in Lewis and stamped 'Stornoway'?  If you're reading this and know where the mailboat came ashore, then please do drop us a line and let us know.My postcard in perfect condition
I wonder if this postcard is the first to go 'full circle', that is sent from St Kilda only to arrive back again (via Benbecula) some time later!


Update:   Mystery solved! The mailboat was found by Donald Martin in Loch Carloway on the west side of Lewis on 11 November 2015.  Thanks to Donald for sending everyone their postcards!

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