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Puffins in the Puffinn – a work of art, but who was the artist?

26 January 2012

One colourful and popular feature of the Puffinn is the mural painted on the upper reaches of the bar. Every time I look at it I see details that I haven’t noticed before – it really is quite a delightful piece of art!  I began to ask questions about the mural and soon realised that we don’t know very much and we would like to know more.

We think that the artist was ‘Mick Reed’ and that he painted the puffins in 1992. But, we know very little about him or his reasons for creating it. Puffin in the Puffinn - fish and signature

Do you know who Mick Reed was - a visitor to the island or maybe someone from the services who was based there?

Puffin in the Puffinn - birds and islands


Do you know exactly when it was painted? How long did it take? Did you help?

Do you have pictures of it being painted?

We are also curious to know what was on the wall previously, was it just a blank space?

Puffin in the Puffinn - birds and boreray


(photos: M.MacCormick)



If you have any information about the puffin mural in the Puffinn, we would be very pleased to hear!

Please send emails to:


Thanks in advance,




UPDATE  29/03/12

Many thanks to Tom McLaughlan for providing the following information:

The Puffinn mural was painted by Mick Reed, a Serco radar technician, in 1992. Mick also created the limited edition Puffinn print which depicted the Serco and military personnel that were serving on St Kilda at the time (1991). 

It is believed that the concept of the mural was decided shortly after producing the print when the re-build/revamp of the bar was being discussed.  Mick may have got the idea for the print from a display which was made by a Signals sergeant, Mick Norton. The display consisted of miniature puffin figures and it also represented members of the military detachment who were serving on the island. 

Sadly, Mick Reed passed away not too long after the mural was completed in the early 1990s.


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