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Won't need the ID book for this....

17 June 2013
The snowy owl is back, again! 

First spotted in May, it is now a regular sight for visitors who go over to Gleann Bay.Snowy owl next to a cleit in Glean Bay

One day  while surveying on the opposite side of the Gleann, I noticed several groups of people trying to find the bird.  Many missed it entirely (ok, it's big and white but so are lots of the rocks) but those who spotted it were careful to minimise disturbance and viewed the bird from a safe distanceVisitors viewing the snowy owl from a safe distance
Their care ensured the bird remained settled and I was able to grab a quick photo on my way back.   Our owl has been spotted on an almost daily basis.  It'll be interesting to see how long he stays this year....Close up of snowy owl


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