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Goodbye Work Party Two!

28 June 2013

Just over a week ago today saw the departure of our middle work party of the year – Work Party Two. WP2 arrived on a glorious day after a (relatively!) easy passage and quickly got settled in.

They were an international bunch with a sandle-and-shorts-wearing, chilled out, stereotypical Australian chef, an extremely tall Canadian Professor, and an extremely enthusiastic Finnish birdwatcher! WP2 were – Jonothan (leader), Tim, Jim, Ingmar, Ros, Adrian, Marcus (cook), Sue, Linda, Rachel, Frank, and Liz (not pictured).
WP 13/02 Group Portrait
WP2 were kept busy with a variety of tasks that included repairing cleit roofs, fixing dry stone collapses, re-tarring the cottages, and building drains. One of the first tasks they undertook was the annual beach clean -  have a look at Gina's blog to find out more about this project. Although we must have one of the cleanest beaches in Scotland, there were still a few little bits and bobs to be found.

WP2 had some bad luck early on when one of the members slipped one morning and broke her wrist. As well as being in a lot of pain she was very dissapointed at having to leave early – her only consolation was a ride in the helicopter. Changeable weather meant a great deal of uncertainty about when WP2 might leave the island so several work party members had to make an early exit to ensure they didn’t miss ongoing travel connections – nothing ever goes to plan out here!

Work party two will be memorable particularly for their incredible mailboat, the ‘Puff’n Toot’, which must go down in St Kilda history as both the largest mailboat ever and the first to have model deck chairs!
wp 13/02 Mailboat

Big thanks for all the hard work done by Work Party Two!

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