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Bonxie at peace with the world (for once).....

15 May 2015

As the jack of all trades Ranger I make a note of birds I come across as I 'range' my way round the island. Here on top of a rocky pinnacle inaccessible to sheep - note the long grass and wild flowers - sat a handsome young adult Great Skua.

Bonxie Peaceful

But this turned out to be not just any Bonxie. When it stood up to fly away I noticed it had been ringed in the past.

Bonxie ringed

The three of us out here work collaboratively and I passed the photos to the Seabird and Marine Ranger who monitors these birds. From the leg ring colours, she will be able to deduce where the Great Skua came from before arriving to breed at St Kilda. Quite a precarious spot for a nest if that is what it was thinking about.


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