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Watch out on the hills!

13 May 2012
For the last few weeks the bonxies have basically ignored me as I walked by them on the hills.  They hardly stirred as I approached within a few metres to record colour rings on their legs. 
Bonxie with the street in the background

But that's all starting to change.   On the 1st of May I found the first bonxie nest over in Gleann Bay and the parents let me know in no uncertain terms that they wanted me to move away from their precious nest site.
Bonxie eggs
Eye level with a bonxie

Since then, I have found several nests a day and been swooped on a few times too!Bonxie nest with a viewBonxie swooping with feet out readyBonxie swoop

I will soon begin a full survey to try and locate all nests on Hirta. It's going to be a challenge!

(Seabird and Marine Ranger)

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