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Gimme Shelter!

1 May 2013

Gale Warning

Apart from the day I arrived we have had to endure gale after gale with usually a few brief hours of sunny calm in between. It all got too much for this little fellow. I was touched by the trust placed in me by the Swallow as I picked it up, exhausted, outside the Base loading bay. After coming all the way from Africa, St Kilda's gale was just the last straw. After a couple of hours rest and recouperation in the Manse porch, the Swallow was off again feeding on island insects. The incident reminded me of Bob Dylan's words. "Come in", she said. "I'll give you shelter from the storm". (Showing my age......)


Not only the birds found the going hard last week. There have been no day trip boats to entertain, helicopter flights cancelled and all in all, apart from the howl of the wind, a quiet period for me. Going for a walk (patrol I mean) has been difficult in the violent winds). A one off miltary helicopter flight scheduled for Monday was cancelled too and only arrived to take away its marooned passengers today - and you guessed it another gale forecast for tomorrow!


I genuinely enjoy interaction with St Kilda's visitors and, fingers crossed, we will have the first of the season's cruise ships arriving this weekend. To avoid the risk of rats coming ashore we insist on visitors arriving at the jetty in open dinghies so if the wind picks up again we might only be able to wave at each other across a choppy Village Bay. I'll let you know what happens.....



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